C.E.R.T.S., Inc. Adult Action Centers

Whole 9 Rally in Dover

On Thursday, May 10th a rally was held in Dover at the Legislative Mall in an effort to gather support and awareness for House Bill 104. If passed, this bill will mandate an increase in the rates paid to agencies who provide services to people with disabilities. With this increase, the state will be able to fund providers at 100% of the rate needed to operate by fiscal year 2020. Funds acquired will be used in support of all aspects of program operations.

Jim and Patty Clarke, parents of one of our Newark program participants, spoke at the rally. Their speech reflected their personal experience as a result of their child’s needs where they expressed their gratitude for C.E.R.T.S., Inc. staff and diverse programming. They made clear the importance of supporting House Bill 104, not only for those who receive services currently but for those who will need these services in the future.

The rally was reflected in an article featured in the Washington Post on Monday, May 14th that mentioned the speech made by the Clarke’s. This type of exposure draws additional attention to the credibility of House Bill 104 and its intention.

Please write or call your local legislator and ask them to support House Bill 104 as acquiring these funds will not only financially secure the future of programs like C.E.R.T.S., Inc. but all programs that serve those with disabilities. Thank you for your consideration of this request.